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We love India and we want to use technology to make India great again. TruScholar is our trump card.

Our Story

Our mission is to use the power of blockchain technology to secure the credentials of institutions and improve their issuance & verification system.


Who we are & What we do?

Our Story

It started with the vision of two like-minded people who knew that blockchain technology can change the future of India and its education system.

Tormented by long processes and fake credentials, the credential system in Indian universities demanded a change & they knew they had to do something about it.

What has been a fervent thought became a mission in 2020, when the government of India has confirmed the need to adapt this technology in the education system.

The government recognized the need for a change in our ever-changing education landscape.

This need to adapt has driven these passionate men to achieve the best solution that will revolutionize the education system.

Together they have gone to great lengths to break the myths around blockchain technology and created a solution that improves the credentialing system in institutions.

Since then, TruScholar has become a go-to solution for many prestigious Institutions and EdTechs around the country and it is just the beginning of the change.


We believe in what we do

Security is our top most priority.

Work Smarter & Harder.

Be Systematic.

Always aim to provide customers with not only best customer service but also best customer experience they have ever had.

Always be confident, listen carefully & speak openly.


Meet the Team

Truscholar has succeeded to gather A+ players, that have worked with top organizations across India and abroad. We are a bunch of professionals passionate about the endless possibilities that blockchain technology can bring, to change the future of India and its education system.

Core of Every Institutions

As Institutions continue to proliferate, it is essential to establish an effective system for digital credentials. They need to be issued, verified, and secured the right way. A failure to do so will affect institutions – Universities, EdTechs, and Training Centers – drastically.

That’s where we come in to picture. We have dedicated all our resources to ensure institutions have a secure system to establish their credentials; because we understand the seriousness of an institution’s brand image and how critical it is for their growth.

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