Blockchain Digital Credential Transform Higher Education

Blockchain-Powered Digital Credential Blockchain-powered digital credentials are changing the education system as we know it to make it much more efficient. What can this mean for you? The work..
Blockchain Digital Credential Higher Education

Blockchain-Powered Digital Credential

Blockchain-powered digital credentials are changing the education system as we know it to make it much more efficient. What can this mean for you?

The work of educators impacts society at large and vice versa. The world is constantly learning and adapting to newer technology and as a result, is evolving the way it functions. This is both the product and a determinant of how education impacts individuals.

The education sector then is undisputedly in a constant process to evolve. With time as we learn more, we adapt more. Which brings us back to the question- What is changing the world today? As an extension, what is impacting education today?

Blockchain-powered digital credentials is a technology with possible applications and use cases still being explored and are in its nascent stages, but its impact on us as a society is very apparent in a multitude of ways. Very simply put, blockchain works like a public ledger, an immutable decentralized database.

It gives you storage, transparency and efficient ways to verify and safeguard your documents. Internationally, higher education institutes are already recognising the potential of blockchain to transform their education administration systems to be more in alignment with the student’s needs, the institution’s management as well as what corporate offices look for when hiring or assessing these students from these institutions.

To break it down into four simple ways Blockchain-powered digital credentials is a disruptive technology for higher education institutions to truly transform the experience for themselves and their students through a lot of its applications already proving to be useful.

Recognizing learning with Digital Credentials

Presenting credentials, be it badges, certificates or any documents really; producing and verifying them are very important functions of an institution. To make this proof of completion easily accessible while also being able to preserve it for a lifetime, gives the participant earning the certificate the ability to effortlessly manage and showcase their certificates from anywhere to anyone around the world.

Not only does this ease management for institutions, but it also gives students complete control of their documents and certificates. With services like Digilocker, an Indian government initiative wherein they are working to move towards a paperless blockchain-powered storage issuance and verification system for academic documents, it is apparent that governments and private institutions alike are opting for blockchain technology to be the most reliable outcome for credential management.

Creating a platform for a student to showcase all their talents and skills at their discretion becomes so important in an oversaturated talent market. In addition, being able to verify these instantaneously instead of going through the overly time consuming manual way, gives the student that much more power to have their skills and learning recognized and shared.

Verifiable and Trusted Claims: An edge to a student’s future career prospects

With job markets being incredibly competitive, it’s imperative to upskill and reskill! credentials blockchain allows for showcasing these skill sets online through certifications while ensuring they are immutable, easy to verify as well as quick to verify digital identity verification in the blockchain.

It gives an edge in every sense to the student to stand out. Not only can they immediately have their certificates verified by their employers, but they can easily present their certificates on job hiring sites like LinkedIn. This essentially adds to a student advertising their institute and the skill sets they offer while simultaneously making the student seem competent with their variety of skill sets and enabling them to be lifelong learners.

It really gives institutions the opportunity to showcase their offered courses and programmes and as a result help advertise and brand these institutions and their services. In some cases, it gives them the ability to partner with companies using Blockchain-powered digital credentials technology, further benefiting both students and institutions.

In sync with Data protection guidelines: Transparency and sovereignty of their own credentials

One spot to manage all your students’ credentials. The credential wallet safeguards a student’s credentials while giving them complete control over how they share their certificates and to whom. It’s a single point of access to all their interests, skill sets, their transcripts and any documentation that they would otherwise only have access to through their institution. It creates an independent space for the student to control their credentials and share them as per their speed and requirements. More importantly, it pushes a system of transparency and accountability self-sovereign identity blockchain.

Motivating with Micro credential as Digital Badges: Making learning engaging and fun 

Removing the stressful task of physical documentation while simultaneously creating efficient ways for interaction and coordination between academic staff and learners is an efficacious way to make learning an enjoyable experience.

digital identity blockchain has also created a pathway for using ‘reward tokens’ or ‘badges’ to help students mark smaller achievements in their classes, among peers while incentivizing participation and engagement. Creating these smaller reward points allows for students to take the initiative to be more active agents in class while creating a place for teaching staff to recognize potential and talents among its students through a fun and effective channel.

As a concept the more we hear about Blockchain-powered digital credentials, the more we understand it to be something unique to technological advancement and its related fields. However, over time we’re seeing it have an impact on every industrial sector. More particularly, we see blockchain making large advances in the education sector, being beneficial to not only management but also its students and above all, creating a more intuitive, efficient and reliable education system with the help of Blockchain-powered digital credentials.

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