Make Your Participation Certificate a Marketing Tool for your Future Events by Providing TruScholar’s Shareable Digital Certificates.

Are you planning to conduct a hackathon, techfest, coding competition, quiz, cultural event, or social activities in your college fest? If yes then don’t worry TruScholar is here to help you with a credential sponsorship.

TruScholar’s Shareable Digital Certificates

Why You Should Issue TruScholar’s Digital Certificate?

  1. Simple issuance process
  2. Free email notification facility
  3. Shareable digital certificate on platforms like Linkedin, Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter
  4. Handy certificate designer tool with a custom upload facility
  5. The bulk upload and download of certificates 
  6. Add value by issuing a Blockchain-powered digital certificate
  7. Get more sponsors for upcoming events
  8. 100X post-event visibility

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