Advanced Digital Credential Wallet, For Your Digital Future

Get a secure storehouse for your Digital credentials, Health records, and Identity documents.

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Credential Wallet

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Learner Remains the Center of the Credential Wallet Process

The main purpose of digital credentials is to keep the learner at the centre of the system. Every action carried out by the issuers and verifiers of a credential should happen by giving the learner first priority.

Create New Digital Identities with Credential Wallets

TruScholar also helps you to create new digital identities with digital wallets.

Illustration of digital credential wallet providing control over health records
Illustration of storing personal identity digital documents with digital credential wallet

Store Your Identity Documents

With our digital credentials wallets, you will be able to completely digitize your identities with a complete confidence that they can never be lost and even if they did, they can be easily retrieved.

Illustration of privacy standard provided by digital credential wallet

Adherence to Privacy Standards

TruScholar’s e-wallet follows privacy standards such as GDPR and PDP, which is critical and essential for any digital product.

Check Here GDPR Policy of TruScholar.


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Function Of Credential Wallet

Immutable and Tamper-Proof Digital Credentials and Badges

Award your learners' with secure digital credentials in a matter of seconds.

TruScholar uses public/private key infrastructure on private blockchains to register your students' outcomes and lets you create credentials from your web interface, to issue upon course completion.

Credential Wallet - Path to Self Sovereign Identity

Makes the life of your students easy.

One of the most unique features of TruScholar is the credential wallet that your students get. They can securely store all their records, access them digitally when required, and share it only to those who they authorize.

100% Security and Data Privacy

There's no way fraudsters can hack your system or your students credentials

We use blockchain technology for that very purpose. It is the most secure technology available.


Many will argue that a wallet is merely a storage and retrieval mechanism.

However, a digital wallet does more than that. It handles cryptographic keys, encryption/decryption of credentials, and of course, storage.


The user will retain complete control over who is authorized to view their credentials.

Any entity that needs to verify the credentials has to request access from the user. The user will then share the public key of the requested credential which is used to authenticate.


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