Blockchain & Digital Identity [DID]: Pathway to Transformation for Traditional Universities

Blockchain & Digital Identity: Pathway to Transformation for Traditional Universities The number one feature that a lot of businesses, institutions, and corporations look for and need in Today’s digital..
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Blockchain & Digital Identity: Pathway to Transformation for Traditional Universities

The number one feature that a lot of businesses, institutions, and corporations look for and need in

Today’s digital world is Blockchain & Digital Identity.

A digital identity that cannot be fraudulently created, tampered with, and has enough information to continue business as usual is now the norm.

It also creates the opportunity where the identity holder will retain complete confidentiality of data and the identity provider cannot delete an identity under any circumstances.

This system is currently much-needed in traditional universities in India, where the current processes are slow and not secured enough.

To understand this concept and how it can transform traditional university education, we need to understand blockchain technology first and digital identities powered by blockchain technology.

Let’s start with the first one.

Blockchain Technology – In a Nutshell

It is the first technology in the world that has provided complete security of data Unlike other technologies that exist in our world, blockchain technology is decentralized and it does not belong to any single entity.

They are maintained by nodes on the blockchain network who are anonymous to each other and do not own the network either. And there is always no end to the number of nodes that can join the network to maintain it. Of course, nodes are rewarded accordingly.

The most important result that comes from this system is an infrastructure that can be trusted and that cannot be manipulated or forged at any time. That’s why, once a record becomes part of a blockchain, it can never be deleted. This primary characteristic of blockchain has made it a go-to choice for security measures across the world.

From governments to corporations & institutions, blockchain technology and the platforms based on the technology have become mandatory.

Now, when we create digital identities based on this tamper-proof technology, they become indestructible and permanently secure. But before we get there, let’s understand…

Digital Identity – At its Tip

Alright, we have understood the importance of blockchain technology. However, why is there a need for digital identity?

Don’t we have enough identities?

And if we are mentioning digital identities, is it different from the identities that we currently have?

And most importantly why do traditional universities in India need it?

Let’s understand what they are and why they are needed.


A digital identity represents the person regardless of which location he is in or where he is. For example “Shyam Kumar” can have his identity digitally produced through hashing algorithms and asymmetric encryption, resulting in a 256-bit encrypted code.

 He can then add multiple identities to this one identity and use it permanently to represent himself.

The best part is that any organization that wants to identify or validate the existence & achievements of “Shyam” can use the identity to confirm. It also makes the lives easier of students or individuals like Shyam and as well as issuing authorities.

Alright, this all sounds good. But why do we need them?

Because paper-based proofs can be easily manipulated, forged, deleted or misplaced. And digital identities can make it easier for everybody involved.

So, now your question would probably be why traditional Institutions?

Well, in India, traditional universities and their students are constantly under attack by fraudulent organizations. A lot of fake credentials are created each year and also a lot of original credentials are forged from reputed universities.

By introducing Blockchain & Digital Identity, a lot of problems such as them will be solved, while improving the efficiency of processes.

The Combination & Possibilities

Combining the security measures of Blockchain & Digital Identity on them will ensure universities secure their brand and also create hassle-free education for students.

Self-Sovereign identity is one such possibility that arises by combining blockchain & digital identity. But that discussion is for another day. Let’s look at how TruScholar makes it very easy for universities to make this transformation.

TruScholar – The Pathway

By combining these Blockchain & Digital Identity technologies, we have created a solution for three ecosystems i.e: Issuer, Learner, and Verifier so that can help them to create digital identities, that will remain forever, in a matter of minutes.

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