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Digital Credential Platform for Hiring – Blockchain Technology Do not let the sun down on your recruitment efforts. Ask any HR recruiter and He’ll vouch for the fact that..
Digital Credential Platform for Hiring

Digital Credential Platform for Hiring – Blockchain Technology

Do not let the sun down on your recruitment efforts. Ask any HR recruiter and

He’ll vouch for the fact that it’s easier to knock on heaven’s gates than find perfect people for a job.

What aggravates this challenge is a universal nuisance that’s growing bigger by the day. People faking it and crossing all boundaries, with absolutely no qualms about grabbing the job they desire at any cost. So, they fill up their resumes with bogus academic degrees, schools, and job titles and puff them up to appear perfect and real and sometimes, a larger-than-life gift to an organization. 

And if you think this malaise only affects those seeking lower positions on the corporate ladder, you are sadly mistaken.

Even those pitching for senior positions have been known to fake it. And, in some cases have been discovered. (Remember the case of former Yahoo CEO, Scott Thompson, whose four-month tenure ended after controversy over whether he had embellished his official bio?)

Some years ago, a global survey conducted exposed the gravity of this situation by collecting data from employment logs of various industries.  And the results were alarming even then.

  • 50 percent of all job aspirants forging their previous job experience certificates were exposed 
  • Statistics indicated cases with such irregularities in some employment sectors to have been as high as 71.5 percent.
  • Now, ? Awhat happens when these fraudsters manage to circumvent your recruitment procedures and gain entry into your firmnd what if it is in a position of power and responsibility?
  • For firms that are publicly traded or publicly regulated, or have investment from third parties where it has fiduciary obligations, to hire someone with a false credential, would mean a misrepresentation and that’s a form of deception! Literature has also suggested that if a person can lie to get a job, there will exist a much higher probability that he will lie once he is in the job. So, an honest worker is mission-critical for any company. For its reputation, progress, and perhaps even survival. One must not forget a useful rule of thumb in business which is “never assume”. Or to borrow from a 1980 phrase – Trust but verify.

To unearth a fraudulent attempt, would mean checking the basics:

  • Are the details provided true and real?
  • Schools and colleges must exit
  • Training credentials must be earned by authentic institutions.

Potential employees need to be true alumni of the schools, universities, and training institutes mentioned on the resume.

Don’t take the applicant’s word. 

Trust, but verify.

However, verifying schools and other institutions by making calls during the selection process – to discover the truth – before a potential incident occurs is a time-consuming and laborious endeavor.

Is there a solution in this maze of uncertainty?

Not one, but two.

The first solution is recognition that a problem exists.

In today’s online scenario and the post-pandemic world, you just cannot take things at face value, believing that because you’re hiring someone with a great resume it necessarily means that the due diligence has been conducted.

Something I learned about people. If they do it once, they’ll do it again. 

So, when a person tells a story once and they continue to tell the story, they might even believe it after a while. 

So, realizing that fraudsters exist everywhere is the first step toward solving this issue.

Your number two item on the list should be towards solving this.

Review your procedures and figure out what’s being done to make sure that you’re hiring those qualified and best with real credentials, employees that are honest, and will make your company a success.

Go tech with a digital credential platform

When the scale of forgery is large and complex, reaching into every nook and cranny of employment procedure, nothing works more magically than powerful technology to combat the situation.

TruScholar, a 100% blockchain-powered digital credential platform has a highly secure solution to hasten and foolproof the credential verification process for you.

The platform is being implemented by educational institutions for issuing degrees and certificates and allows you to instantly verify at your end the authenticity of the potential employees’ credentials with its easy-to-share and QR-coded verifiable credentials.

TruScholar’s digital credential platform makes nearly redundant the human involvement of authenticating people’s credentials to find out if they will be true blue employees.

The easy-to-share feature will increase your social media visibility by leaps and bounds as students share their credentials on their social media platforms.

Other attractive features of TruScholar include an in-built design option  that allows you to speedily customize your credentials and its easy integration with DigiLocker. DigiLocker is a flagship initiative of the Ministry of Electronics & IT (MeitY) under the Digital India programme, which aims at the digital empowerment of citizens by providing access to authentic digital documents kept in the citizen’s digital document wallet. 

With the TruScholar chappa, recruitment becomes easy and fool-proof. 

Forgery is Down to Zero with TruScholar.

The Wise Man has long ears…..

Am sure you have been listening…

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