Digital Credentials for Higher Educational Institutes

TruScholar empowers education institutions across the globe with secure infrastructure to establish tamper-proof digital credentials, digital certificates and digital badges.

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The Importance of Digital Credentials
for Educational Institutes

Digital Credentials to Turn Student Results Into Possibilities & Growth

It is difficult to translate learner results into terms that employers can understand and trust. Students looking for work are eager to offer their knowledge, but companies struggle to understand and verify their abilities. Digital credentials provide a standard language for businesses and prospective employees to communicate in.

Reduction in Manual Work

The amount of manual effort required to create physical brand identity certificates will be significantly reduced by digitizing a college’s or institute’s certification process. Our platform makes this simple with globally usable, safe, and verified digital certificates.


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More Production in Less Expenses

Branding certificates is expensive for any institute. These physical certificates are time-consuming and vendor-specific, but Truscholar allows you complete control over certificate generation with a few clicks. Brand identity certificates cost less with more production now.

Promote Your Institute

It is commonly known that the name of your university can be utilized to establish false credentials. Scammers will be unable to utilize your identity as a result of digitizing credentials. You will keep complete control over the use of your brand.

Secure Your Brand Identity

It is commonly known that the name of your university can be utilized to establish false credentials. Scammers will be unable to utilize your identity as a result of digitizing credentials. You will keep complete control over the use of your brand.

Blockchain Technology

TruScholar’s block chain-powered credential system enables your institute to migrate from physical to digital certificates and focus on the future. Transform your Institute and Administration systems with the power of Block-chain Technology.

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Love from our Alliance Partners

TruScholar has streamlined our certification process immensely. With its user-friendly interface, we can quickly generate and distribute certificates to our students. platform's reliability ensures that our certificates are delivered securely and on time. It's been a game-changer for us!

Sourabh Mishra Review
Mr. Sourabh Mishra
Deputy Manager - Content KIET Group of Institutions Delhi-NCR

TruScholar platform has simplified our workflow and significantly reduced administrative overhead. The customizable templates allow us to create professional-looking certificates tailored to our brand. It's been a fantastic addition to our operations.

Balasaheb Zarekar Review Truscholar
Mr. Balasaheb Zarekar
Director - Unique Education Society , Unique Skill Development Center

I've been using the TruScholar platform for certificate Issuance, and I'm thoroughly impressed with its efficiency and user-friendly interface. The process of issuing certificates has never been smoother. Highly recommended!

Mr. Sabyasachi Sen
GM, IT Manav Rachana University

The Digital Certification via TruScholar has indeed enhanced the certificate issuing process at Lets Unbound. In addition, it has also played a crucial role in ensuring authentication of certificates issued. The Team at TruScholar also deserves to be commended for assisting exceptionally well.

Mr. Amol Patil
Co-founder, Lets Unbound Education Technology

I wish to convey my heartfelt gratitude and compliments to TruScholar for your invaluable contribution to issuing of E-certificates to students and Members for WIRC programs. With your support and guidance WIRC and ICAI has been awarded 'First Prize' as ICAI Best Regional Council for the year 2021.

CA Manish Gadia
former Chairman, WIRC of ICAI

I am glad to see the adaptation of Archival digital technology by Elets Digital Learning with the help of TruScholar. I also Recall the insightful conversation with TruScholar Exhibition hosts about the untapped potential in India for Archiving and Authentication due to counterfeiting of credentials.

testimonal - truscholar
Kumar Y V S
Former Vice-Chancellor (I/C) for Operationalization at D Y Patil University Pune, Former Dean at RBU - Rayat Bahra University and Former Dean at Ansal University Gurgaon.

Very user friendly platform and excellent service. One stop solution for all our certification needs.

Sangeeta Iyer
VAS Tribology Solutions - Manager Support Services

TruScholar is best platform for issuance of badges and certification, it gives a repository to save all the important docs as its linked with Digi-locker, the team is responsive and resolves issues instantly. Great offers compared to other options in market.

abhishek gupta
Abhishek Gupta
Co-Founder & Director - Younite Learning & EUGateway

I have been using TruScholar for quite some time now. Overall experience and service is very good.

Parvesh Dudani
Founder & Chancellor - Medhavi Skills University (Sikkim)

Using the TruScholar platform has made our certificate issuing process so much smoother and faster. The platform is user-friendly and easy to navigate, and the support team is always available to help if we encounter any issues.

Jatin Luthra
Head of Operations - GACS ( Global Association for Corporate Services )

I've been using the TruScholar platform for certificate Issuance, and I'm thoroughly impressed with its efficiency and user-friendly interface. support team is responsible and helpful throughout our journey with platform.

Akila Madhavi
Manager at ICT Academy

Using the TruScholar platform has made the entire process of creating and issuing certificates so much easier and more streamlined.

Chinmay Chopade
TimesPro - Senior Product Manager

This platform has helped us automate our certificate issuance process, saving us a considerable amount of time and effort. The platform is easy to use and we can track and monitor certificate issuance and revoke certificates if necessary. The support team is always responsive and helpful.

Bharath S
Head of Operations RIDM - Regional Institute of Digital Marketing Designation

Our organization has been using this TruScholar platform for some time now, and we couldn't be happier with the results. The certificates look professional, and the process is very efficient.

Hemant Ingale
Co-founder of Corizo

With great personalized services and constant support through the Truscholar team, issuing blockchain-based certificates felt just a cakewalk.
They not only assure that you issue certificates, but also make sure that the receiver does not face any challenges while using the same.Special thanks to Naim for taking constant follow-ups and Tanmay for always helping us through the process Honoured to be associated with Truscholar team.

Magic Institute of Excellence
Isha Narvekar
Marketing Manager - Magic Institute of Excellence

It has been a seamless experience with TruScholar for us at Citi. Very happy with their products (digital credentials) which adhere to the global standards of the WEB 3.0 protocol. Instant open verification, tamper-proofing and smooth integration with LinkedIn are must-have features in today’s times but what makes TruScholar stand out is its services and value commitment- be it analytics for the issued credentials or the professionalism and flexibility demonstrated by its dedicated account managers.

We needed some customizations for our corporate use cases and they made it possible for us.

Keep up the good work, Cheers!

Anishka Chaudhary
Project Management Analyst


Customizable Certificates & Badges

Brand digital certificates and badges. Our platform provides' pre-made templates and designs, automated name change management, and retroactive modification.


Digital certificates will simplify certificate verification in the future. Public-private key infrastructure instantaneously verifies credentials.

Tamper-Proof Shareable Certificates

Once issued, the recipients can share credentials across multiple platforms including social media.


Digital Credential Features That Make
Our Product A Perfect Fit For Your Institution


Benefits of using TruScholar


Built on a versatile and robust tech stack.


Effortless integration with your existing system.


Your data will remain 100% secure and safe with your sole access.


Compliant with all data protection and privacy guidelines.


Verifiable from anyplace, anytime.


One click Bulk Issuance of certificates


About Digital Credentials

A credential is a certificate of recognition for a skill or knowledge or experience you have gained. Your school, college, and university certificates are considered as credentials. Credentials can also be government issued identities such as Aadhar card, voter id, pan card etc.

Digital certificates are digitally secured and encrypted versions of certificates.

Because they reduce hassle and expenses, they are globally available, they are better than physical credentials, and they are 100% secure.

It removes the need for paper based credentials, provides permanent security, provides life-long proof of ownership, eradicates fake credentials, facilitates cost-effective large storage of files, enables online learning platforms and establishes integrity of credentials.

Open Badge is the world’s leading format and standard for digital badges. It provides the guidelines to the creation of digital badges and certificates in compliance with privacy measures.

Digital certificates and badges improve the process of recognizing a learner’s skills by making it faster, secure, and universally available.

Digital micro-credentials for students are digital badges or certificates that validate the acquisition of specific skills or competencies. Micro-credentials in higher education provide a concise and verifiable way of showcasing one’s expertise in a particular area. (already exist)

Academic badges are digital credentials that recognize and validate an individual’s achievements and skills in specific academic areas. They function as visual representations of accomplishments and can be displayed on online platforms. These badges contain metadata, including issuer information, criteria for earning the badge, and evidence of the achievement, providing a portable and verifiable way to showcase one’s expertise.

In the future, we can expect to see further integration of digital credentials blockchain technology into digital credential solutions. This may include advancements in identity management, increased cross-platform interoperability, and the development of decentralized applications (dApps) that leverage blockchain for secure and verifiable credentials.

 Digital badges offer several benefits in education. They provide a more comprehensive and detailed representation of a learner’s skills and achievements. They can motivate learners by offering clear goals and milestones. They also enable educators and employers to assess specific competencies and recognize achievements that may not be captured by traditional assessment methods.

 Digital badges for employees are virtual credentials that recognize and showcase their skills, achievements, and qualifications in various areas, such as professional development, training, or specific competencies.

A digital credential platform typically follows a few key steps. First, individuals or organizations create an account on the platform and provide necessary personal or organizational information. Then, they can upload their digital credentials, such as certificates, degrees, or professional certifications, to the platform. These credentials are usually verified by the issuing institutions or authorities to ensure their authenticity.

Digital credentials, also known as digital badges or digital certificates, are a secure and verifiable way to showcase an individual’s skills, achievements, and credentials online. They provide a portable and tamper-proof record of an individual’s qualifications, making it easier for employers, educational institutions, and other stakeholders to assess their skills and expertise in a digital age

Digital badging platforms are online systems that enable organizations to create, issue, manage, and display digital badges or credentials. These platforms provide a centralized hub for designing visually appealing badges, verifying achievements, and sharing them across various platforms. Digital badge credentials offer a seamless way to recognize and showcase skills, achievements, and credentials in a digital format, enhancing credibility and recognition in today’s digital world.

Digital badges for students work by providing a visual representation of their achievements and skills. These badges are typically earned through specific activities, assessments, or courses. Digital college for students can help display these badges on their digital profiles, portfolios, or resumes to showcase their accomplishments and credentials. Digital badging in higher education offer a tangible way to recognize and validate students’ skills and knowledge in a digital and shareable format.

Micro-credentials in education or digital badges are similar in that they both represent achievements or skills. However, the main difference lies in their scope and depth. Micro-credentials typically involve more comprehensive and rigorous assessments, often resembling mini-certifications. Digital badges in higher education, on the other hand, can be smaller, more granular, and focused on specific accomplishments within a broader skill set.

The main difference between Credly digital credential solutions and Accredible digital credential solutions lies in their features and focus. Credly platform emphasizes its robust integration capabilities, seamless issuer-earner experiences, and extensive badge management features. Accredible digital badges, on the other hand, prioritizes customizable and visually appealing credentials, advanced analytics, and features specifically designed for educational institutions.

There are several alternatives to Credly digital certificates & badges. Some popular options include Accredible digital badges, Badgr digital credentials, Open Badge Factory, certifyme digital credentials, sertifier digital badges. These platforms offer similar features such as badge creation, management, and verification, but each may have unique strengths and pricing models. It’s essential to evaluate the specific needs of your organization before selecting the best alternative.

TruScholar.io stands out as a compelling alternative to Credly for digital credential solutions. It offers a user-friendly platform with robust features, including customizable badge designs, secure blockchain-based verification, and seamless integration options. TruScholar.io prioritizes data privacy and provides an intuitive user experience, making it an excellent choice for organizations seeking reliable and innovative digital credential solutions.

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