Magic of Digital Certificate Issuance

Magic of Digital Certificate Issuance My neighbor’s son had received his MBBS degree. But to my shock, it was discovered much later that he had earned his qualification without..
digital certificate issuance

Magic of Digital Certificate Issuance

My neighbor’s son had received his MBBS degree. But to my shock, it was discovered much later that he had earned his qualification without Attending a single class. A sweet deal had been struck, and a ticket to work at his father’s hospital and augment his dowry prospects.

While the reason for engaging in an unscrupulous act of this manner may be hard to digest for truth seekers, it is a reflection of the flippancy and audacity on which this business of fake credentials is thriving.

For years, it still remains unchecked, even as full-blown efforts to nail it down to zero with the seemingly miraculous power of digital credential technology rage on.

Numbers don’t lie.

One does not need to travel back in time to unravel this convoluted curse on society.

In May 2022, an FIR was filed against 44 aspiring constables in India for submitting fake certificates while aspiring for jobs. The very people supposed to be our knights in shining armor are attempting broad daylight robbery!

Some years back in time, in September 2014, the Central Crime Branch had busted a gang that was producing fake school, college, and technical education institute certificates in Tamil Nadu.

The fake certificates in some of these cases were apparently sold for as little as Rs 5,000- 10,000 – a shocking revelation of the ease with which a ticket to gainful employment can be got without the grind of hard work and pain and most importantly without the mental and intellectual capacity to contribute worthily to our economy.

Only gain, and more gain, with no pain!  

Fake certificates can usher in a sinking nation.

Fake certificates are alarming. They can assist in illegally entering people into our country by facilitating identity documents: voter ids and Aadhar cards, which may compromise the security of our nation.

When individuals employ fraudulent academic credentials, it destroys the brand image of an institute’s graduate.

And when these fraudsters are employed, they will in all likelihood perform below par and some may engage in malpractices for personal gain. (UP government found that as many as 3000 -40000 teachers involved with the State’s Basic Education Department had fake educational qualification certificates)

We can only imagine how this tarnishes our image abroad. When it comes to Indian students seeking admission to foreign universities, the prevalence of fake certificates may delay the admission process. 

We need to get the elephant out of the room

India has a large population which makes it all the more susceptible to scams & the total eradication of fake certificates is near impossible.

But hold on, thanks to digital certificate issuance technology, we are heading in the right direction. 

Manually checking fake versus real certificates is a herculean task. 

The administrative staff has a job on their hands – checking if the certificate is of the special paper used for degrees and certificates, which is quite unlike the normal A4 printing paper. 

Then, scrutinizing if the font style or the manner in which the certificates and degrees are designed, the spelling of names, and every other small detail are as per the formal appearance expected in real certificates. Is the language correct too?

And, as if this isn’t enough, employers have to undertake the responsibility of background checks involving calling up past supervisors and associates, using social media and professional networks, to find out if the employee is authentic or a fraudster.

So, is bringing fraudulent practices to zero like expecting a camel to enter into a needle hole?

TruScholar Works to Eradicate Credential Forgery Completely.

Remember we were certified ‘Polio-free’ by the World Health Organization on 27 th March 2014, 20 years after we rolled out our Pulse Immunization Programme on 2nd October 1994, when the country accounted for 60% of global polio cases, then. 

We eradicated polio which was near impossible. 

TruScholar is eradicating fake credentials at a much faster pace.

TruScholar promises to bring down fake certifications to zero with its superior blockchain-powered digital credential technology platform.

Every degree or certificate which carries the TruSchloar identity mark would mean it is embedded with lots of security features to deal with forgery. It is 100% secured and tamper-free, and real. The TruScholar embedded QR code is used by verifiers as identity marks for credibility and easy authentication.

On the TruScholar digital certificate issuance platform, universities can design their own certificates and increase their social visibility by several notches as they are easily shareable.

TrusScholar’s robust infrastructure fast-tracks the background verification process for registrars which normally takes three to four weeks. Its one-click feature enables verification of degree or diploma certificates in a matter of seconds, revolutionizing the old tedious process of time-consuming verification 

 It’s a great relief that we are living in the technology age, where we have the blessings of technology to rid away from the hard pains of uncontrollable social evils like fakism

When the fake becomes real, it’s high time Trureal chases away the fake.

Save your University’s hard-earned reputation from fake certificates with just a tap! 

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