Amplify Your Training Outcomes with Digital Badges & Certificates for Professional Development

TruScholar’s blockchain infrastructure ensures your learners will remember your training and its results for a lifetime, with tamper-proof credentials and badges for professional development.

Illustration of Corporate Training using digital badges for professional development
Illustration of digital badges for professional development of proffesionals

Professionals Graduating Deserve Perpetual Records

The existing system of certificate creation has a lot of flaws and has the potential to affect your trainees. Your program’s value can also diminish over time. The professionals graduating from your institute deserve better. TruScholar can ensure your training’s value remains intact forever.

Perfect Integration With Your LMS

There is no requirement for you to install a new system or improve the one you already have in order to accommodate the our digital credential system. Our digital badge for professional development platform is able to integrate with virtually every well-known LMS solution now on the market.

Illustration of digital badges for professional development that gives integration with LMS


It's very easy and straight forward
Illustration of digital badges for professional development which improves corporate partnership

Improved Relations With Your Corporate Partners

All your associated partners will gladly embrace this transformation as it streamlines the processes and certainly creates new avenues for enhanced collaborations.

A One-Fit Solution For All Your Training Programs

Be it onboarding training or soft skills training, your training programs will have a one fit solution with TruScholar’s enhanced solution as it successfully integrates with your system.

Illustration of digital badges for professional development that give one-fit solution for all
Illustration of digital badges for professional development for brand value

Guaranteed Brand Value

All of the cutting-edge, time-saving improvements that TruScholar implements at your disposal contribute to a higher value for your business. The digital certificates and digital badges for professional development from professionals act as your brand ambassadors as they will certainly appreciate the changes.


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Love from our Alliance Partners

The Digital Certification via TruScholar has indeed enhanced the certificate issuing process at Lets Unbound. In addition, it has also played a crucial role in ensuring authentication of certificates issued. The Team at TruScholar also deserves to be commended for assisting exceptionally well.

Mr. Amol Patil
Co-founder, Lets Unbound Education Technology

I wish to convey my heartfelt gratitude and compliments to TruScholar for your invaluable contribution to issuing of E-certificates to students and Members for WIRC programs. With your support and guidance WIRC and ICAI has been awarded 'First Prize' as ICAI Best Regional Council for the year 2021.

CA Manish Gadia
former Chairman, WIRC of ICAI

I am glad to see the adaptation of Archival digital technology by Elets Digital Learning with the help of TruScholar. I also Recall the insightful conversation with TruScholar Exhibition hosts about the untapped potential in India for Archiving and Authentication due to counterfeiting of credentials.

testimonal - truscholar
Kumar Y V S
Former Vice-Chancellor (I/C) for Operationalization at D Y Patil University Pune, Former Dean at RBU - Rayat Bahra University and Former Dean at Ansal University Gurgaon.

Very user friendly platform and excellent service. One stop solution for all our certification needs.

Sangeeta Iyer
VAS Tribology Solutions - Manager Support Services

TruScholar is best platform for issuance of badges and certification, it gives a repository to save all the important docs as its linked with Digi-locker, the team is responsive and resolves issues instantly. Great offers compared to other options in market.

abhishek gupta
Abhishek Gupta
Co-Founder & Director - Younite Learning & EUGateway

I have been using TruScholar for quite some time now. Overall experience and service is very good.

Parvesh Dudani
Founder & Chancellor - Medhavi Skills University (Sikkim)

Using the TruScholar platform has made our certificate issuing process so much smoother and faster. The platform is user-friendly and easy to navigate, and the support team is always available to help if we encounter any issues.

Jatin Luthra
Head of Operations - GACS ( Global Association for Corporate Services )

Using the TruScholar platform has made the entire process of creating and issuing certificates so much easier and more streamlined.

Chinmay Chopade
TimesPro - Senior Product Manager

This platform has helped us automate our certificate issuance process, saving us a considerable amount of time and effort. The platform is easy to use and we can track and monitor certificate issuance and revoke certificates if necessary. The support team is always responsive and helpful.

Bharath S
Head of Operations RIDM - Regional Institute of Digital Marketing Designation

Our organization has been using this TruScholar platform for some time now, and we couldn't be happier with the results. The certificates look professional, and the process is very efficient.

Hemant Ingale
Co-founder of Corizo

With great personalized services and constant support through the Truscholar team, issuing blockchain-based certificates felt just a cakewalk.
They not only assure that you issue certificates, but also make sure that the receiver does not face any challenges while using the same.Special thanks to Naim for taking constant follow-ups and Tanmay for always helping us through the process Honoured to be associated with Truscholar team.

Magic Institute of Excellence
Isha Narvekar
Marketing Manager - Magic Institute of Excellence


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