What Are Digital Credentials: A Guide for Starters

We live in a digitized world. From food to finding a new home and everything in between, they are all available now at the click of a button. So..
Digital Credentials

We live in a digitized world. From food to finding a new home and everything in between, they are all available now at the click of a button.

So why should credentials be left out? Well, if you look at it that way then it will not make a lot of sense. Therefore, before we explain the what, let’s decipher the why. There are predominantly three reasons why we need digital credentials at this time:
  • They are the most important documents of our life. They determine our path as well as our destiny. However, these documents are often in harm’s way. They are either lost, stolen, manipulated or forged.
  • We need a process that is faster, secure, and easily accessible from anywhere. Digital credentials make it possible Now, if you have to move to a different country for education or work, you have to go through a tedious transcription process. However, with digital credentials transcription can be done in a matter of minutes. It also helps institutes establish efficient processes for transcription.
These are three reasons why we need digital credentials. They are quite important at this time, especially in India. Now,

Let’s understand What is Digital Credential

Digital credentials are digitized versions of your credentials. That’s exactly what it is at a high level. But it is not that simple and they’re definitely not scanned pdf copies of paper-based credentials. Let’s take a deep dive. While creating digital credentials, all of your grades including registration numbers, attendance, and various other details are added to digital databases. These databases are encrypted and securely stored so only those with permissions can access them.That’s the first step. Once these details are added to digital databases, the next step is to create a visual display of these credentials. This is when institutes create digital copies as well as printable formats with passwords and issue them to the students. Students, who are now credential holders, can then send these digital copies to verifiers and transcription agencies. They can also determine who should gain access to their credentials and who should not. That’s gaining complete control of credentials. That’s the second step. Now, we can push this up a notch further with…

Blockchain-powered Digital Credentials

Now the difference between other technologies and blockchain technology is the security. Data stored on the blockchain can never be tampered with because of its infrastructure. Blockchain technology is also known as distributed ledger technology. This means that data is distributed and not stored in one place, therefore it cannot be destroyed or manipulated. It’s not a centralized technology, it is a decentralized technology. This means nobody owns the blockchain but everybody can access and work with the blockchain. And as the word suggests, a blockchain is a chain of digital blocks with data, transactions, and information, that are connected to each other. The entire blockchain as a file is stored across multiple anonymous nodes that manage and maintain the blockchain. These are a few reasons why blockchain-based digital credentials are the most secure and they will remain intact forever.

So, Why TruScholar?

Finally, we come to the conclusion but with the most important point. TruScholar is one of the pioneers in India in creating digital credentials and the only platform that combines blockchain technology, SaaS technology, and mobile technology to create a robust but super easy solution. From students to institutes and verifiers, anybody can use the TruScholar platform in digitizing credentials by following simple steps. We’re proud to have created such a platform for Indians and proud this is a Make in India initiative. We would love to show you how it works in reality and how your credentials can be easily digitized. Schedule a free demo with us today and we will take you through our entire application. Looking forward to talking to you. Have a nice day!  

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