Why Does India Need Digital Credentials?

India need digital credentials because Digitization is the future. Everything that we know of is now available digitally. Credentials, the most important aspects ofWe now have the infrastructure needed..
India Need Digital Credentials

India need digital credentials because Digitization is the future. Everything that we know of is now available digitally. Credentials, the most important aspects ofWe now have the infrastructure needed to digitize our credentials securely. However, before we explain how that is possible, let us elaborate on the “why” part a bit more.

Fake Credentials

As we have mentioned many times now in multiple articles and also, as confirmed by the Indian government itself, fake credentials have become rampant in India.

There are multiple ways to create fake credentials. Some of them are cheap ways that can be easily found and some of them are tough ways that can never be found.

Regardless, this problem has captured international attention and India has received a negative reputation for the thousands of fake certificates produced each year.

That’s why it is India need digital credentials and more than important to move from paper-based credentials to digital credentials.

Slow Processes

The current process of issuing credentials is long and tiresome. It takes over 5-6 weeks to establish credentials by any university, institution or issuing authority.

Because of these long & mostly manual processes, a lot of space is given to fraudsters to create fake credentials. At the same time, it hinders students in multiple ways as well as companies.

By digitizing credentials, this process will become faster and save a lot of time for all stakeholders.

Faster Access to Credentials

The best part about digital credentials is that they can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Like paper-based documents they don’t have to be carried around wherever you go.

Especially with blockchain-based digital credentials, all you need is the private key address of the credentials and you can view them anytime.

They can also be shared with anyone by sharing the public key address of the credentials.

Improved Verification

With the ease of access and sharing comes the possibility of instant verification.

To verify a credential, a recruiter or an organization has just to enter the public key address of the credential shared by the credential holder in a verification platform, such as TruScholar, and the verification will be done in seconds.

This process will be most useful in the transcription process which generally takes many weeks. It saves a lot of time as well as costs.

Tamper-proof Security

The last but the most important reason why India needs digital credentials are tamper-proof security.

 Digital credentials which are blockchain-powered cannot be tampered with, stolen, manipulated or forged.

They will remain secure forever. That’s what India needs currently and urgently.

TruScholar to the Aid

We at TruScholar are on a mission to digitize credentials across India as well as remove the problem of fake credentials from our country.

We’re doing so with the help of blockchain-powered digital credentials.

We have combined three cutting edging technologies such as Hyperledger Indy, SaaS technologies, and Mobile tech to create an application that is changing the credentials game in our country.

Our work with universities, institutions and ed-techs is to digitize their credential process. This involves issuing credentials, storing credentials, verifying credentials, and helping institutions do all this process remotely yet effectively.

With the help of blockchain’s robust security, we’re able to achieve this feat.

We would love to show you how it works in reality. Schedule a free demo session today. And digitize your credentials for tomorrow.

Looking ahead to talking to you.

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