three way of digital badges
Three Ways Digital Badges Can Increase Earning Potential
Digital badges are a type of digital credential that can be used to certify skills in a variety of fields. They are known as...
Credential forgery blockchain
Verifiable Digital Credentials | The Answer to Credential Forgery
As recently as a year ago, an Ahmedabad gang was busted by the police for issuing fake SSC and HSC hall tickets. Students bought...
Digital Credential Platform for Hiring
Digital Credential Platform for Hiring | Blockchain Technology
Digital Credential Platform for Hiring – Blockchain Technology Do not let the sun down on your recruitment efforts. Ask any HR recruiter and He’ll...
India Need Digital Credentials
Why Does India Need Digital Credentials?
India need digital credentials because Digitization is the future. Everything that we know of is now available digitally. Credentials, the most important aspects ofWe...
Blockchain Digital Credential Higher Education
Blockchain Digital Credential Transform Higher Education
Blockchain-Powered Digital Credential Blockchain-powered digital credentials are changing the education system as we know it to make it much more efficient. What can this...
Technological Advancements
6 Technological Advancements that EdTechs Should Consider
EdTech startups have been redefining India’s education for the last couple of years. However, 2020 has been a game changer for these companies.